Analytical Hypnotherapy and Pure Hypnoanalysis Explained:

balanceAnalytical Hypnotherapy or hypno-analysis, a special type of hypnotherapy, is one of the best therapies known for treating emotional, anxious and nervous problems. It is a type of hypnotherapy that successfully combines hypnosis, relaxation and discussion of experiences combined to resolve the blocked or pent up emotions or anxious feelings that are the root cause of the problem or symptom.


About the sessions (Analytical Hypnotherapy or Pure Hypnoanalysis):

Clients find it is very beneficial that we see each other once a week. During each session, usually lasting about 1 hour, hypnosis will be used to establish and enhance your feelings of inner calm, relaxation and physical safety. With myself acting as a focus, most of the hour is devoted to you talking about some of your life experiences. I know your symptoms have an original cause and it’s my responsibility to apply a gentle and specific process to allow you to resolve your anxiety and emotional issues. Through these verbal expressions you will return to the blocked and pent up emotions that are causing your problem. These events are powerful as are the emotions and you will understand why these emotions have been blocked. The emotional release will help to fully resolve your issues and free you from the symptoms.

A course of therapy usually lasts 6 to 10 sessions. To make an appointment for a consultation call 07634225680 any time between 9 AM and 6 PM. Weekend appointments are available. You can also email Ron at ronvanderholt@msn.com