The Health Care System.

All this week, the BBC focussed on the state of emergency departments in NHS hospitals. A BBC film crew was allowed access to film the what’s going right and what’s going wrong. What’s going right is that when a person actually gets a hospital bed, the level of care and support is generally very good. What the BBC film crew also documented were corridors filled trolleys with people waiting for a room, mothers sitting on an A&E floor with sick children waiting to be seen and lots of elderly people with no where to go because there isn’t an appropriate level of support in their communities. The situation, where people can wait over twelve hours to be seen in A&E, is being described as a crises. Meanwhile hospital staff are doing the very best they can with diminishing resources. There is not enough staff and not enough hospital beds.

The Government consistently tells the public that spending on the NHS increases, but the simple fact is that the budget increases do not match the increases needed relative to an ageing population. In real terms, the amount of Government funding relative to need is decreasing while funding for community support is also decreasing. The NHS is in crises. Do we have the resolve as a caring nation to address this crises?