Client Testimonials

Positive experiences from clients who have been helped by Ron at the Clevedon Hypnotherapy Centre.

Client emails and testimonials reproduced by kind permission of those who have benefited from hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis at the Clevedon Hypnotherapy Centre.

I recently helped a lady overcome her fear of spiders

Hi Ron

Sorry for the delay but things have been manic here.

We had a Halloween party and decorated the house and even put up huge tarantulas on the mirror!!!

When we moved into our beautiful new house in July this year my neighbour mentioned in passing the “Tunnel spiders” that lived under the window sils and came out at night. With that my life long fear of spiders dramatically spiralled out of control and my house of dreams because one of nightmares where I physically couldn’t leave the house after dark and I dreaded entering the utility room for fear of finding yet another spider.

When my partner planned to go away on business I was beside myself with fear of coping with the daily encounters. I couldn’t even deal with a picture of a spider on Facebook so how could I deal with the real thing? Well, having had just two sessions with Ron I was soon tested.

I came face to face with a big, black, hairy spider in the utility late one night. The rational part of my brain reassured me that I could handle it, this was my house and it was about time I took back control. The slightly less rational side of me threw a doormat at it! Whilst many people don’t condone killing creatures (even spiders!) I do not wish to cohabit with them and therefore I took control of the situation….. In fact, having put on a pair of shoes and calmly taken a photo, I took another shoe and repeatedly beat it to death whilst yelling that it wasn’t paying the mortgage and therefore couldn’t stay!

Whilst I accept that my action may not have been completely rational, it was in fact the release of 36 years of crippling fear. I delayed undertaking hypnotherapy for this fear for so many years because I was scared I would be forced to prove I had “been cured”. I still don’t like them, and in fact I was very clear with Ron that I didn’t want to like them, I wanted only to be able to dispose of them without suffering crippling panic attacks and to stop living in fear. My objectives were certainly met, as I write this I know there is yet another big, black, hairy, none mortgage paying squatter living inside the light by the front door. I can’t get to him to dispose of him but at some point (when we replace the light) he will be “evicted” and so, for his own sake, I suggest that he vacates of his own accord before then!.

Apologies it ended up being a bit longer than you wanted, I got a little carried away!




L.H. from Clevedon

“Ron all I can say is thank you. What we achieved in such a short amount of time was unbelievable.. Before I started my treatment I was continuously anxious and afraid of flying on all counts!! Ron has worked with me and since the start I was very optimistic.

My dream was to apply for cabin crew and to pursue a career in the skies.

I can now officially say my fear of flying has gone and I have just started my dream job as cabin crew for one of the U.K.’s leading airlines!!

Ron I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me! You really did make me believe that dreams can come true when you put your mind to it!!! ”


N.B. from Nailsea

From a lady with a fear of skiing

Ron! I’ve been meaning to email you. YES, it was amazing, and my husband says that you’ve done a miracle. I have to say that I was really focused and just kept going from top to bottom. No black moguls though.

Really appreciate your help – and so does my husband. Amazing, Thanks!

N.A. from Clifton

Dear Ron,

Sorry that it is has taken me so long to write.  The trip to New Zealand was truly amazing – a fantastic place – I would very much recommend it for anyone who loves the outdoors!

It was of course made even more amazing by the fact that I didn’t freak out at every bridge and heights situation. I can’t say there weren’t any tears but my threshold has increased a lot – I know this because James has said that he has noticed a big difference.

There were a lot of swingbridges! and we actually avoided the walks with the major ones so I’m not sure how I would have managed without coming to see you first.

We did some fantastic walks including the Tongariro Crossing up to a live volcano and around a volcanic crater, the Abel Tasman track with a few swingbridges and the Kepler where we walked along a ridge for a few hours (stunning scenery and not something I could have done before my hypnotherapy). We also had a fab day of mountain biking – actually no exposure this day so I was grinning all the way down from 1300m to 200m.

Once we have our photos in a format where I can send a few, I will send you some – made sure we took a few of me on the bridges etc,

I hope all is well with you.  Thank you so much for your help with this – I was sceptical as to whether it would work but it really has!

Best Wishes,

A.L. from Clifton

Good evening Ron,

I wanted to send my thanks for your help in improving my confidence and assertiveness at work. Since working with you, not only have I been able to work more effectively to guide my team, but I have also found myself becoming more efficient in completing tasks.

Since my last visit, I have been observed again by my Headteacher, and she commented on how well organised and calm the learning environment felt. I feel better able to cope with my workload, and as a result, am feeling much happier and have more time to spend on important things like the children!

I am delighted that you were able to help me, Ron. It was great to be able to speak to someone who is clearly so knowledgeable and passionate about helping people to take control of their lives. I would have no hesitation in recommending your work to others. Many thanks for your support and professionalism, Ron. I wish you all the very best for the future.

S. T. from Clevedon

Hi Ron, I’m texting on behalf of John. Since his second appointment, John has still not touched anything to do with tobacco. He’s so chuffed with himself he can even tolerate his friends smoking around him, and they were meant to be giving up as well. Thank you again for your help and your magic.

H. T. from Clevedon

Hi Ron,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how I am getting on.

It has been a few months since we had out four sessions around weight management, I must say as sceptical as I was to start with, as soon as I had finished the first session, I started to feel the psychological benefits and positive thinking creeping into my life. As a sceptic, I also thought that these positive feelings would wear off as soon as I stopped seeing you. Well this is how it has gone since we have had our last session.

I have now lost 25 lb, I have a far more active lifestyle and have joined the local sports centre and do various aqua and swimming there on a regular basis. I also enjoy cycling down the Strawberry Line with the family. We seem to go further and further each time and I am sure we will make it to Cheddar and back one day.

This might sound common for someone wanting to lose weight, but I was ALWAYS too tired, I NEVER had the time, I was ALWAYS busy living my life. I bet this would sound familiar to anyone in my situation. Young family, job, and lots to juggle.

If you listen to sad music you think of sad things, if you listen to happy music you dance about and sing, its the same with exercise and what you do is how you feel. I feel great, especially after a good work-out! Thanks for reminding me.

One thing I struggled with is that you taught me that food wasn’t everything, and I had spend years in my life, thinking about food and how it defined me, weight, shape, ability to clear my plate etc. I also go to Weight Watchers every week, and this required planning and being preoccupied with what you eat, there was indeed a conflict here, and although this posed some problems with me, in the end your philosophy won hands down, and the reason for this is not that I didn’t need to plan or prepare my meals in certain ways, but was just that I had the vast knowledge and understanding that I need to make the right choices, and in turn get the right results. It just feels natural and not forced, and my mind draws me to those things that make me feel good in the long term and not just today.

I would also like to thank you for your additional support around some of the things that were causing me problems at work, and the stresses that came with that. It has made a massive difference to me and my confidence.  When we first talked, we not only talked about the issues with my weight, but holistically about lifestyle and contributing factors, and I really appreciate that you have listened to me as you were able to golden thread other issues through the weight management support that you offered. This was invaluable.

Two of my friends have also visited you on my recommendations.

I genuinely believe that I never want to yo-yo diet again, and if I ever feel that I am heading in that direction, I would not hesitate to pick up the phone and book to come and see you again, just to remind me that I AM WORTH IT.

Forever grateful.

T. T. from Yatton

Hi Ron,

I have some good news for you. I have not had a cigarette, I’m really proud of myself.

Thank you for helping me.

I have passed your cards onto my friend & I think he will be giving you a call shortly for himself & his wife.

Thank you Ron,

A.J. from Clevedon

To whom it may concern

We arranged for our 10 year old daughter to meet up with Ron. She had been suffering with night terrors and a subsequent acute fear of going to bed, putting a considerable strain on the family. Whilst initially shy, she settled down quickly and was very receptive to the ‘suggestions’ Ron made during two sessions. She is now back to her normal ‘happy go lucky’ self and trundles off to bed with no trepidation or fear.

I sat in on both sessions and was really impressed with Ron. He is a warm and easy going chap and he quickly built a rapport with our daughter, putting her at ease and explaining what would happen in a clear and understandable manner.

I was particularly struck by his kindly and caring nature and obvious desire to help our family with this little problem.

I would thoroughly recommend Ron to anyone struggling with similar emotional issues.

Kind regards

N.B. from Clevedon

“So many thanks for helping me retrace my life’s journey, piecing the bits together to where I ‘lost myself’. I am now enjoying being the person I always knew I was, but wouldn’t allow myself to be. My confidence has grown, and I accept only the best for myself. I welcome everyday with joy!”

C.S. from Clevedon

G.R. from Clevedon wrote to thank Ron after hypnoanalysis…

“I went for help with excessive drinking and anorexia. In the course of my treatment, these issues were never actually discussed in any depth. What Ron did was to delve into the root cause which was in fact, an extremely violent and terrifying childhood at the hands of my step-father.

Within one month of seeing Ron I was already feeling a completely different person. I have discovered a new life. I can genuinely say that I have never felt so happy and confident. Over the years I have seen top psychiatrists, therapists, and counsellors, all to no avail. I had given up hope. I was in such a dark place. I genuinely believed this was it; there was no light and I was tired of fighting. Just by chance I discovered Ron’s name. Not only has he completely turned everything around, but now I look forward to waking up in the morning instead of dreading it. I have confidence in myself that I’ve never had before and I want to enjoy life.

No more anorexia or excessive drinking!”

G.R. from Clevedon

L.G. from Weston-super-Mare, helped by Ron overcome her emetophobia…

S.Q. from Clevedon emailed after therapy for fear of flying…

“Many thanks again for your help. I had a lovely holiday and the flight out was very good. Good news is I have started looking at flights for next year already so I know full well I will do it again.

Thanks again,”

S. Q. from Clevedon

J.T. from Weston-super-Mare emailed to thank Ron for helping her daughter with her fear of dogs and to excel athletically…..

“She ran her first cross country on Saturday since the “treatment” with you. She was a different athlete not only did she beat the reigning North Somerset Champion, she did it in style winning by over 30 seconds. There were dogs around and she wasn’t in the slightest bit bothered. I really cannot believe the difference in her – she is a completely different person. Thank you so much for giving her life back. Many people have committed on what a different person she is and I always tell them its down to you.”

J. T. from Weston-super-Mare

“I suffered with social anxiety and depression for years, was prescribed various types of anti-depressants and suffered with terrible side effects. I searched the internet for help.I found Ron’s website and gave him a call. The Pure Hypnoanalysis helped me find the root causes of my anxiety and depression which stemmed from my childhood. Once discovered and released I was helped to resolve my issues and be free of my symptoms. I successfully came off antidepressants and felt like a new person with a new confidence and well being. What a relief!! Thanks again Ron for all your help and support.”

M. E. from Frome

M. L from Yatton consulted Ron for self harming and after pure hypnoanalysis wrote to say,

“Hi Ron,

I just wanted to say a very huge thank you for turning my life around. When I came to you I was self harming and had huge anger problems. The journey has been a tough but very interesting one. You helped the process by helping me relax and not judging anything that I disclosed in our sessions. I am now able to move on with my life without the anger and the self harming, myself and my family are enjoying my new confidence. Thank you once again.”

M. L. from Yatton

Ron recently (September 2010) saw an 11 year old boy for nail biting and general confidence. His father recently wrote:


Just thought I`d pass on some further good feed back on Jack. His head coach singled him out as the boy that has transformed his attitude and taken on board all constructive criticism and put in more hard work than any other player in the squad of 35 boys.

Jack has gone from 2nd team and OK to fighting for a place on the subs bench in the 1st team, eventually getting his chance in the 1st team and making his head coach realise that he needs to be picked 1st above all other boys. All as a result of his hard work and unrelenting effort and massively improved levels of concentration, application of his skills at the right places and time. He has also been moved up the pitch to a more pivotal central midfield role. Jack has now leap frogged over 6 boys who have been told that they need to up their stamina, mental strength and overall game to Jack`s level.

This is one of he 1st times Jack has received this level of praise and attention from the highest ranking coach, in front of his peers. Needless to say Jack is very pleased that his hard work and newly learnt control has paid off in buckets. I will keep you informed of further progress and developments.”

S. T. from Yatton