Directions & Location

How to get to the Clevedon Hypnotherapy Centre.

Ron is a leading independent professional Hypnotherapy and Hypno-Analysis provider to North Somerset, Bristol, Bath, and the South West of England based in Clevedon at the Reading House Business Centre.

The Reading House Business Centre is located at #11 Alexandra Road in Clevedon, North Somerset. Alexandra Road begins opposite the historic Clevedon Pier and continues to a roundabout known locally as “Six Ways”.

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Clevedon is just off Junction 20 on the M5, within easy reach of Bath, Bristol, Weston-Super-Mare, Taunton, and Exeter. From Junction 20 follow the signs to the Clevedon Pier where free parking can be found. From the Clevedon Pier, the Reading House Business Centre is within walking distance (4 or 5 minutes), but parking can be found along Alexandra Road.


Whether arriving at the Reading House Business Centre by car or on foot, it’s easiest to begin from the Clevedon Pier. Directly across the street from the Pier entrance gate is a pub called “Campbells Landing”. Across the street on the same side is a restaurant called “Scarlett’s”. Alexandra Road runs between them. Continue up Alexandra Road, beyond the first 4 way crossing at the top of the hill. The Reading House Business Centre is located at the corner of the second 4 way crossing directly across the street from Alexandra Vets. Parking is usually available along this part of Alexandra Road.


On weekdays from 9.00 AM until approximately 5.00 PM the main entrance is the red door on the corner. For appointments on weekends or after 5.00 PM on weekdays, please use the entrance located about 30 feet (10 M) to your left, along Woodland Road, when facing the main entrance. Its a white door and will be unlocked for appointments during these hours. Regardless of how you arrive I’ll be there to greet you.