Children’s Issues

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Children are learning and growing and experiencing many things for the first time. Many of these experiences can be emotionally intense initially, but the intensity diminishes over time and with frequency. As adults we can cope with situations by healthy self-expression, but for some children this isn’t always possible, particularly if the experience is new and intense. It’s been known for at least a century that children often cope with intense emotional situations by partially disavowing the experience, and bottling up their emotions. Bottling up intense emotions is sometimes the only way a child can cope and remain psychologically intact. Nevertheless, these emotions can affect a child negatively. Parents might notice severe, and sometimes sudden, changes in behavior. Occasionally, it’s through the child’s conduct and behavior at school that a parent becomes aware that something isn’t right with their child.

A little stress in our lives doesn’t have to cause any physical or psychological harm. With too much sustained stress there can be harmful side effects and symptoms in adults and children. A small sample of the symptoms in children might include:


Intense and inexplicable fears



A noticeable preference for solitary activities

An inability to make new friends or maintain friendships

Bed wetting (enuresis)

All of these symptoms are outward expressions of emotional conflict. A child might have one of these symptoms, or a combination of them.

The Blow-away Technique

Developed in the 1970s, The Blow-away technique is a safe, gentle and effective method that combines hypnosis and suggestion therapy. This method has been designed especially for children and young teenagers between the ages of 5 and 16 and allows them to access negative feelings that affect them. The technique works because a young person has the ability to access their emotions without the experiences and can do so without the intellectual barriers of adults.

In a Blow -away session your child’s imagination will be actively engaged. Once persuaded to become physically relaxed (the hypnosis part of the technique) the child will then be calmly persuaded to bring their feelings to the surface and then told to literally “blow them away” without saying a word or divulging any of their experiences. The child will then be told that “they can blow away their bad feelings and those bad feelings won’t come back again”. This process allows the child to safely discharge and diminish feelings of anger, fear, embarrassment and other emotions.

The Blow-away technique is not a “talking therapy”. In fact, by not having to utter a word a child retains their privacy and derives a sense of control and meaningful participation over the process. Some children find the entire experience not only cathartic but fun. Your child also will learn a skill they can keep for life. From the outset, parents must promise not to ask questions about what comes up during the session. This promise allows the child complete inner freedom and ensures the success of the technique.

It’s encouraged that you or your partner, or preferably both, attend the session. In fact, you’ll be encouraged to participate in the process and who knows what you’ll be presenting during the “blow away” session. Thus the “mums the word” promise goes both ways.

With this technique, excellent results have been achieved in several areas such as bed wetting, low self esteem, sleeping problems, attention or concentration problems, aggression, performance anxieties to name a few.