Employee Absence Management

Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis: Reducing work related stress for individuals.

Help employees relieve work related stress with hypnotherapy.

An excess of stress in the workplace has been identified as contributing to diminished mental and physical well being of the individual and thus can contribute to work absence.

Excessive work related stress can then have a negative impact on the individual’s home life which in tern can have ramifications in the workplace. Once an individual consciously recognises the negative impact of excessive work related stress, then a regime of hypnotherapy or hypnoanalysis can be beneficial in helping to reduce the individual’s level of stress.

Working in tandem with individuals and their employers, and in conjunction with other methods of addressing work related stress, hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis can be very effective in helping the individual cope with a moderate level of stress while lessening overall stress. The benefits to the individual are reflected in their personal sense of well being and less work related absences.

The approach to effective management of employee absence is multifaceted and may include, counselling, flexible work schedules, and several other possibilities applied in tandem or in combination. Hypnotherapy not only helps the individual feel more in control, but as a result of the therapy may not need conventional medical intervention.

Employers should consider effective management of employee absence by addressing the reasons behind all types of absence. This provides genuine positive returns both in terms of heightened staff morale and real cost savings to the organisation.