Fear Of Being Sick

Effective treatment for emetophobia at Clevedon Hypnotherapy Centre.

Emetophobia is a fear of choking or gagging or a fear of being sick, usually affecting more women than men. Anyone who is or has suffered from this phobia knows it can hinder every aspect of their lives.

Hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis can provide significant and lasting relief from emetophobia.

If you suffer from emetophobia, then don’t suffer in silence any longer.

The fear of being sick can make a wide range of everyday situations very uncomfortable for the sufferer. These situations might include for example:

Hospitals and surgeries might be avoided for fear of seeing others sick unexpectedly.

Even house pets might be avoided.

Certain types of food might be avoided.

Sufferers may be obsessed with cleanliness, avoiding most social situations.

The prospect of any situation with undulating or rotating movement such as boats or fair rides are avoided.

A person might avoid family holidays or business trips that may involve flying.

Seeing anyone else ill such as family or work colleagues can cause extreme anxiety. Even anticipating the possibility of someone being sick can cause anxiety.

A woman with emetophobia might avoid starting a family due to the fear that pregnancy can cause sickness.

Using hypnotherapy as a treatment for emetophobia.

As the sufferer of emetophobia will know, this is one of the phobias that can affect every day of their lives. As it is so strongly linked with everyday occurances such as eating and travelling, it can have a severe impact of the life of the sufferer. Fortunately, emetophobia is one of the phobias that responds extremely well to a successful course of analytical hypnotherapy.