Quit Smoking

Stop smoking easily with hypnotherapy

You’ve been struggling with a big decision:

You may have smoked for many years. You may have tried to quit on more than one occasion and failed. You tried going “cold turkey” on New Year’s Day. You tried the patches or chewing gum. You gave up briefly but “fell off the wagon” as soon as you were in a social situation with friends. You feel ashamed for having tried to quit more than once and yet you know you have to quit. All the health campaigns you see on television and even on the cigarette package itself are reminders that quitting is essential yet seems a distant dream.

Having been a smoker, I know why you smoke. We all lead stressful lives and the stress seems to be coming from all directions at the same time: stress at home, stress at work, stress in our relationships with spouse, children and friends. It comes as no surprise you might feel angry, alienated, anxious or irritable. Cigarettes seem to diminish the stress, they seem to be a reward for living with life’s stresses. Why would you want to give up the one thing that seems to relax you and diminishes your stress? What would be the immediate reward for quitting?

Most people that I see have tried to quit smoking either by sheer will power or with a number of other methods, and still they are looking for something that works. Scientific studies confirm the fact that hypnosis is the most effective way to stop smoking. Have a look at www.pubmed.gov. This is a service of the National Library of Health and the National Institutes of Health.

Do you want to give up smoking easily?

Do you want to be a non smoker and have no doubt that you are a non smoker?

Using hypnosis, and highly effective hypnotic techniques you will become a non smoker. This unique stop smoking method is tried and tested with an over 95% success rate! By providing positive hypnotic suggestion on a subconscious level, you will feel calmer, and generally more relaxed which in tern will make you feel more confident. Instead of having elevated levels of stress that compel you to smoke, you will feel calmer and will not smoke, regardless of the situation you find yourself in. You will be a non smoker!

Hypnotherapy is the best way to give up smoking in one session. I simply ask that if  you are absolutely committed to giving up, you will find the session will motivate and empower you to break the habit of smoking for good. From the session you will take away important knowledge and emotional strength such as:

Feeling assured you are a non smoker.

The feeling of pride of your accomplishment.

The understanding of why you failed previously and how the shame associated with previous failures evaporates.

How positive thinking and creative visualisation will keep you a non smoker.

How willpower is properly directed.

Why you believed stopping smoking was very difficult and why it isn’t.

How to defeat that “something is not right, something is missing” sensation.