Weight Management

Weight Management and maintaining weight loss with hypnotherapy.

Lose weight and keep it off!

Gain confidence!

There are few topics these days more prevalent in the media, and as an individual preoccupation, than weight loss. When we take regular exercise and eat a balanced diet as part of an ongoing lifestyle, then weight loss and keeping the weight off also become part of our lifestyle. We also know that a healthy physical lifestyle contributes to a healthy emotional balance. For some, beginning or maintaining a healthy regime can be difficult without help.

Hypnotherapy is well known to help with weight loss and can be used to eliminate bad habits that prevent you from maintaining a weight loss regime. Hypnotherapy will help to motivate you and sustain enthusiasm for regular exercise and healthy eating.

How hypnotherapy works with weight management.

To begin a healthy regime of regular exercise and healthy diet you need the confidence to begin and once you’ve begun you need genuine feelings of pride in your ongoing accomplishment. In combination with deep relaxation, concentration, and visualisation with focused hypnotic suggestion we replace harmful eating habits with the confidence you need to begin and pride in your success.

You will lose weight effectively and with remarkable ease. You will be able to leave the session and put effective techniques in to practice the same day.

You will feel relaxed, calm, self possessed and content after the session. You will know your goals are achievable. The hypnotic suggestions give you the energy and motivation to lose weight, a way to keep the weight off and feel better about yourself.

You will take away from the session the will power to take control over the choice and quantity of food you eat.

Please note: If you feel that your weight issues may have more to do with an eating disorder or anxiety related issue, then my free initial consultation may determine that a course of hypnoanalysis may be better suited to your needs.