10 Years as a Therapist.

The Clevedon Hypnotherapy Centre has been running successfully for 10 years. In those ten years as a therapist, I’ve helped so many different people, young and not so young, from all walks of life. I’ve helped people in all the ways a therapist is expected to: managing weight, overcoming fears, phobias and anxieties and to quit smoking. What I didn’t anticipate when I started out was that addressing these specific issues would be the minority of cases.

What do the majority seek my help for? Depression and chronic depression. Drug dependence. Chronic severe anxiety or social phobia and recovery from emotional and physical trauma. These situations are those most often presented in the people who seek my help. After a decade of seeing people six days a week I’m more certain than ever that hypnotherapy, and an experienced hypnotherapist, can help people in severe distress achieve a level of calm and control and to live productive lives without emotional distress.