2nd April Update

The days lengthen and get warmer just at the point in time corona virus restrictions are being gradually eased. From March 29th, we can meet in small groups outdoors. Golf courses and outdoor swimming pools are open. There’s a sense of relief that a considerable amount of time and vigilance allows us to begin to reclaim all aspects of our lives. 

Along with the relief at the return of the new normal, is a palpable caution that insists we don’t squander our hard won gains with irresponsible behaviour. One has only to look across the English Channel, to see parts of Europe confronting the next wave of the virus. The emphasis now is to keep variants out of this country.  We’ll need to redouble our resolve. It also means that restrictions on going abroad may continue. 

Where are we headed individually and collectively? The pandemic has reshaped our behaviours, our expectations, even our consciousness. Trivial distractions have fallen away as we focus on new priorities. What may have been taken for granted, is now in focus and vitally important.