A Duty of Care and Deficiencies.

I’ve described on several occasions how difficult it can be to receive appropriate counselling and/or therapy for mental illness. Often the difficulty has to do with the time between formal diagnosis of mental illness and the time of receiving help. People have been made to wait months for help and even then, help may not be consistent or of a proper duration to be effective.

What’s also recently come to light in the media is that when a mentally unwell person is offered help, they have to travel dozens, if not hundreds, of miles from their home or community to receive help. This situation often exacerbates mental health issues and places added pressure on family and carers.

These issues highlight the basic fact that there aren’t enough mental health professionals and not nearly enough funding with the NHS specifically to help people with mental health issues. This situation must change. The general public is far ahead of politicians and political institutions in acknowledging the need for more funding for all aspects of alleviating mental health issues. When will politicians heed?