A Meeting of Minds.

Almost every week I have a calm conversation with a prospective client, or the partner of a prospective client, to dispel the misconception that I’m a hypnotist and that I’m “going to get into their mind.” While I’m not a stage performing hypnotist, I can with acquired trust, “get into their mind.”

Each session is about hypnotherapy. I describe the process as guided meditation or a massage for the soul and yet with each session there’s an ongoing dialogue that falls within the remit of counselling. The counselling aspect of the hypnotherapy session can be just as important as the hypnotherapy itself. Hypnotherapy appeals to the emotional/irrational/subconscious aspect of the mind, and the dialogue/counselling aspect appeals to the rational functioning of the mind. When these aspects of the mind meet is when real and lasting change occurs. It’s hypnotherapy and a meeting of the minds.