A new year! New goals and aspirations!

A new year is a time of re-evaluation. We assess our goals and aspirations. Then we make a commitment. We want to be more active, to feel better and ultimately to look fitter and healthier. This is where accelerated cognitive therapy and hypnotherapy can be very beneficial. I frequently help a person manage their weight by reorienting their relationship to food. Quite often people eat food compulsively. They eat when they’re not hungry or more often eat too much at their regular meals. A program of accelerated cognitive therapy combined with hypnotherapy helps a person be more conscious of their choices, to diminish a guilty relationship to food, to eat less and even enjoy food more. A program of therapy usually involves 4 sessions over 4 weeks and people usually begin to notice subtle but real changes after the second or third session. I concentrate on “embedding” the therapy so that the effects are lasting. Initial consultations are free. Make an appointment. I’m more than happy to help you achieve your weight loss goals.