A Sign of the Times.

A situation that many have anticipated and dreaded for a long time has come to pass. The NHS is so overburdened that thousands of non-emergency surgical procedures have been postponed. Winter is a challenging time for the NHS every year, but this year the demands on the NHS have been nearly overwhelming. Australian flu is one of many reasons why the system is so stretched but the system as a whole isn’t coping despite intense efforts of NHS staff.

The population is ageing and among other stresses, viruses becoming more virulent. How government can possibly hope to stem this tide and disavow these facts by diminishing budgets is beyond belief. Governments consistently trumpet the fact that NHS budgets are increasing, but every knows the increases are no where near enough to meet current, let alone future, demand. So here are. Years of underfunding and the NHS can no longer fulfil it’s obligations in a timely manner. Is this where we’re headed from now on?