A Therapist’s Epitaph?

I’m on the cusp of ten years as a therapist. My life has been immeasurably enriched and enlivened by the many people I’ve had the pleasure to meet and help. I’ve learned we’re all alike in many ways and dissimilar in many ways. Over the last decade, the number of people who I haven’t been able to help I can count on one hand and those I’ve helped are many. The sense of satisfaction derived from constructively changing a person’s life is the emotional foundation of a therapist’s life.

On many occasions over the years I’ve written about the business side of being a therapist. Full time and part time therapists are often self employed and they run a business. The irony of being in this profession is that a good therapist doesn’t get repeat business and there’s the nearly constant need to replenish client numbers. This is precisely where I’ve been for a nearly a decade: keep client numbers up. Despite my best efforts, my client numbers have dramatically diminished this year. Is this the consequence of success? Will client numbers go up again? Quite likely “yes” to both questions and therefore I hope I haven’t written the therapist’s epitaph.