Alcohol and Emotions

It was reported on the BBC on the 22nd that a study has been conducted into the relationship between how one feels under the influence of different forms of alcohol. Evidently, wine and beer relaxes us, while some forms of alcohol make us happy and certain spirits make us angry and aggressive. It wasn’t stated if the participants enjoyed a single drink of these beverages or were induced to over indulge.

While I accept that alcohol affects us differently from person to person and that different forms of alcohol can make us feel differently, I feel over indulgence brings about a pattern of emotions. With the first glass of wine or beer, there’s a sense of calm and optimism. With the second glass an expanding confidence and capacity for happiness. Beyond two glasses, and heading towards over indulgence, inhibitions diminish, mental and physical capacities are inhibited and what was an hour ago confidence and happiness spirals towards anger and depression. I feel this pattern happens regardless if one is imbibing beer or whiskey. A glass or two of wine or beer? No problem, but over indulgence inevitably leads to diminished capacities and depression. Don’t drink too much.