Anorexia Among Men.

Despite the well documented prevalence of anorexia among young women, it shouldn’t be a surprise that men can also struggle with this serious disorder. It’s been relatively recently that anorexia among men has been acknowledged in the media and it wasn’t until May 5th that the BBC reported there’s been a dramatic rise in British men seeking medical support for anorexia this year. The reason so many more men with anorexia are coming forward recently isn’t clear, but the problem is real.

I assume the reasons for anorexia among men don’t differ significantly from women and therefore the path to recovery must also be similar. A very high level of support is necessary, but institutionalisation with a lot of food placed in front of the sufferer isn’t the solution nor is medication alone. Anorexia is a struggle between being in control and out of control with weight loss as the outcome. Unless the need of the anorexic to be in control is addressed, then recovery, regardless of gender is unlikely. It’s very encouraging that men are seeking help for anorexia, but men and women all need a very high level of understanding and support to recover.