April Update

It’s been a hundred and twenty days plus since I last committed pen to paper. Last November, I commented on the precarious state of the nation’s mental health and the intervening months have proven to be no less challenging. In many respects, what we went through in January this year was worse than last April in terms of the numbers of infections and deaths.

The most noticeable changes in my life include the absence of making any long term plans. I’ve noticed a complete withdrawal from social life and a gradual withdrawal from social contact, but these are the norms we all face in the lockdown. FaceTime, Messenger, Skype and Zoom are the platforms that sustain my businesses and sustain what’s left of a social life. I’ve been making the accelerated shift to digital so that even shopping lists are written on my iPhone notes app. 

What are aspects of the “new normal”? In my case it’s two lateral flow tests per week. It’s having received the first Astra Zenica flu shot and await the next in May. Face masks and social distancing are now nearly instinctive restrictions and these may last for years. 

Daylight lengthens and the days get warmer. Optimism returns almost as suddenly as the roadside daffodils. The sunshine is no less welcome in these times, but the sense of potential threat remains pervasive, despite vaccinations. Perhaps one day soon I’ll be describing post pandemic stress disorder. Aa always, we carry on. Our resilience must remain formidable.