Are We Healthy?

There’s been controversy recently about the assertion that a person can be obese and healthy. By “healthy” it’s meant the person lives without high blood pressure, diabetes, raised cholesterol levels, heart problems or any form of ongoing physical distress. If a person fulfils these criteria and is obese, the assertion has been that the person is obese and healthy.

An obese person may be relatively young and living without the symptoms often associated with obesity. One could say that despite the weight gain and obesity a person’s body can manage and adapt. They may have no overt symptoms of heart disease, but this is actually temporary. Even if high blood pressure, or diabetes, or cholesterol issues are absent in an obese person they become vulnerable or susceptible to these illnesses to a greater degree than someone who isn’t obese. In other words an obese person is ultimately unhealthy and a person who isn’t obese is relatively more healthy. Are we healthy? Not if we’re obese.