Bigger Issues.

From time to time we’re overtaken by events that seem incomprehensible and completely beyond our control. Murder and mayhem on the streets of Dallas, the senseless slaughter of innocents by suicide bombers, even Britain voting to leave the EU. These issues, often on the periphery of our consciousness with shock and dismay in train, make personal issues seem almost trivial.

People in Syria aren’t worrying about their weight unless that haven’t eaten a good meal in a month. Other personal issues seem to pale into insignificance when set against a backdrop of violence and division. Regardless, we need to attend to our emotional, physical and spiritual well being. Healing and wholeness has to begin somewhere and it all revolves around each individual doing the best they can to set a an example for the whole world to imitate. In the face of all the distress in the world, the individual does make a difference if only by example.