Brexit: A Rational and Emotional Argument.

During the past three years I’ve tried to avoid any mention of Brexit in any context. Alas, the topic simply can’t be avoided. The arguments on both sides continue. If fact the tone has become considerably more contentious, even hostile. The political realignments and purges continue as I write these words. After defeat and delay, defeat and delay it feels as if the nation’s caught in a collective neurosis. 

There are remainers and leavers. Leavers have generally remained leavers but some would like to leave with a deal. The remainers have, thanks to direct democracy, become reluctant leavers but leavers who want to leave with a deal. Everything going on in Parliament is rationally apprehensible but frustratingly complex and convoluted. Few of us dare speculate as to where we’ll be in a week, let alone a year. Obviously the functioning of state won’t grind to a halt or break down, but it feels like a national nervous breakdown with no immediate end in sight. We will all stay tuned.