Brexit and the National Mental Health.

I’ve been speculating in previous blogs about the relationship between the whole Brexit issue and the state of our national mental health. Well, now its official. A university study has recently been released confirming that over 40% of people in the UK claim their mental health has been been negatively affected by the three year old Brexit issue. The announcement on the BBC was prefaced with the fact that Brexit has divided friendships, marriages, families and communities. Passions run high on both sides of the ongoing debate.

I think the country has been exhausted and exasperated by this issue and the hope is that there’s some form of compromise and a step forward today. Unfortunately, nothing seems certain and that collective sense of doubt is what’s stressing the psyche of the nation and impacting mental health. Whatever’s ultimately decided will have made an impact that will probably out live many of us. Will our national mental health ever recover completely?