The BBC reported on July 18th that UK restaurants and pubs should offer customers information about the number of calories in foods and drinks. Ostensibly this looks like a good idea that will enable customers to make informed choices. In theory this seems sensible, but my concern is that the underlying purpose of providing such information to the public is to combat obesity. Evidently, the United States is in the vanguard of this approach.

Foods and drinks purchased from the shelves of super markets already have labeling with “calories per portion” information. The information is useful, but does it combat obesity? People should make informed choices, but counting calories might lull a person into having foods and/or drinks inappropriate to weight management. I’ve helped people who were obsessed with counting calories to the point they were preoccupied with foods they couldn’t have.

Moderation. Small healthy portions. No snacking between meals. No fridge raiding. No binging. Stop before you’re full. Even an occasional treat! Counting calories will be unnecessary.