Can I Be Hypnotised.

From time to time I conduct initial consultations over the phone. When I pick up the phone I don’t intend to conduct a consultation, but it happens. I speak to people who have seen other hypnotherapists locally, but not having achieved their aims the person expresses disappointment, deep scepticism and the certainty they can’t be hypnotised. So why are they calling me?

In this situation I have to manage expectations very carefully. I explain what hypnosis is and the experience of it. Depending on the nature of the symptoms presented I explain an approach, a time frame and an achievable outcome. If the person then insists on being knocked out, a powerful suggestion inserted into their subconscious and all their problems alleviated in one session then I politely decline to see them. I tell them I don’t set myself, nor anyone I see, up for failure. Can they experience hypnosis? Yes. Can I change their lives in one session? Sometimes.