Cautiously Out of Lockdown

About two weeks ago, England began to ease restrictions. Infections were down, hospitalisations were down and deaths were down. The roll out of vaccines was proving effective. Two weeks ago bars, pubs and restaurants reopened. People could meet, go to the gym and go to the cinema. A semblance of normality was returning, although travelling abroad remains problematic. 

Much of the general public embraced the easing of restrictions and returned to their favourite pub or restaurant. As I write these words, I sit in my favourite coffee bar for the first time in 14 months. Despite the easing of restrictions, not everyone has rushed to resume every aspect of their pre-Covid lives. Foot fall in town and city centres hasn’t returned to pre-Covid levels, but online shopping doesn’t account for all the sustained drop.

Apprehension and caution remains, particularly with aggressive variants in parts of the country. For some, a lock down mentality persists and this isn’t an expression of paranoia. Having been in lock down for a year, achieving a sense of normality is a gradual process, not an over night one. For many, particularly those who have lost loved ones or friends, life will never be the same again. For many others, they will go cautiously out of lock down.