Challenges Remain

Late April 2021. The sun has been shining for what seems like weeks. Spirits lift in anticipation as the pandemic loosens its grip. We all sigh a breath of relief but remain cautious in the light of what’s happening in the rest of the world. Meanwhile here in the UK, infections are down, deaths are down and vaccinations continue to be rolled out.

People reconnect with family and friends. Some want to pick up where they left off in 2019. Others decide to address personal issues and see me for counselling and therapy. 

What I’ve found during the last few weeks is that some people who would have sought my services months ago, if not several months ago, couldn’t for obvious reasons. Unfortunately for some, that means their symptoms have become worse in the absence of therapy. More doubt. More anxiety. More depression. This is the emotional legacy of the pandemic and it may take years to diminish. It’s as if we have a form of collective PTSD. The pandemic has receded for now, but from a mental health point of view serious challenges remain.