Christmas is Necessary

Late November. The British winter arrives. Overcast skies enlivened with the occasional ray of golden sunshine. It’s generally damp and despite the thermometer being well above zero, it feels chilly. The entire nation sniffles and coughs. I’ve often asserted that I stayed healthier in a more severe climate with cold snowy winters and hot summers. Collectively, it feels as if we’re hibernating.

In the absence of Christmas we would have needed something, an event to lift the spirits, in late December. Stripped of all it’s commercial and even religious connotations, Christmas is necessary. With long dark nights and cloudy days we turn to family and friends to rejuvenate our spirits and inspire optimism for the future. Seen in this light, the festive season occurs exactly when it’s most needed and with a lighter heart and a little optimism, the British winter becomes the British spring.