Cigarettes to Vaping

I’ve been helping people to quit smoking for about a decade. I’ve been helping people with addictions that manifest in different ways: food, alcohol, legal drugs and illegal drugs. With suggestion therapy and psychoanalysis I help a person understand the emotional/psychological underpinnings of harmful or destructive addictive behaviour. The goal of the therapy is to live without harmful addictions, or any addictions really, and this is what I’ve been helping people achieve.

When I help a person to quit smoking they quit smoking. They don’t transfer their addictive compulsions to another activity. Therefore I don’t help people give up tobacco in any form just to take up vaping. In fact I’m hoping to see people to give up vaping. E-cigs are not, and never will be, a useful tool in what I do. I view moving, or shifting, from cigarettes to vaping as transference not transcendence. I help people achieve transcendence and a new way of life.