Client Dialogue After Therapy

Hi Ron,

Thanks for emailing me, I’m doing well thank you.

The first two weeks after seeing you were OK. But like last time, two weeks Saturday I felt terrible which was a little worrying. I was terribly depressed and sat about in a day dream. It was like a proverbial lid was lifted off and my emotions ran amok. Fortunately it only lasted a week; Saturday 17th I woke and felt great! I also have found myself remembering the school with a lot more clarity as if I’ve had a recent tour around. Fortunately the unpleasant flashbacks seem to be dying off and I’m feeling a lot more relaxed.

So far so good though and I’m hoping I will continue with this good feeing.

A little of topic, I do have a question that I have been in wonderment over. I don’t suppose you have ever heard of Interstitial cystitis? You see, I have been suffering with this condition since I was 9-10 years old and I truly believe that my CSA has something to do with it?
I do know that sufferer’s often have IBS as part of the condition and stress, anxiety flare up both. Since coming to see you and understanding IBS and it’s causes I did a little research of my own. I had Googled to see if I’m not alone in this thinking and it does appear I’m not. Just interested in your thoughts with this one?

Hope to speak soon.


The process of hypnoanalysis that you engaged with such determination allows for deliberately forgotten memories to be re-experienced with the original emotions. After therapy, I experienced considerable anger in sometimes short but very intense bursts that were never externalised. After therapy, I knew where the anger was coming from. Previous to therapy the anger was more intensely present just beneath the surface (subliminally) but without the knowledge and experience of where the anger originated. When your proverbial “emotional lid is lifted off” you consciously clear out more of the residual terror, anger, shame and humiliation of your childhood ordeal. I’m very aware it isn’t easy, but it should get easier over time or to put it another way the unpleasant emotions will diminish.

Knowing what you endured as a child, it’s easy to understand why you might be vulnerable to other conditions exacerbated by stress and anxiety: IBS, depression and interstitial cystitis (IC) to name but a few. Your abuse may not have been the direct cause of IC but the abuse left you emotionally vulnerable. I was vulnerable to self harming and self medicating. These are “symptoms” that you are to be commended for having avoided. Nevertheless, you suffered and not only are you exploring the parameters of your suffering but finding you’re far from alone in the path you’ve taken.

If I can help you manage the process of recovery please let me know. Sometimes, just a session of suggestion therapy helps instil clarity and confidence. Please let me know your thoughts when you have a chance.

Best regards,

Ron van der Holt
0783 422 5680