Cocaine Dependence

During the last decade, I’ve helped several people dependant on cocaine. The scourge of cocaine dependence can devastate health, finances, careers and relationships. Ironically, those least able to afford cocaine are often most likely to be dependent. People with cocaine dependence arrive in my office for the first time in very difficult circumstances and just seeing me is a big step that usually involves an even bigger confession.

I treat cocaine dependence as a symptom. If someone sneezes you treat the cold or allergy. With cocaine dependence I help a person explore and understand the often complex emotional underpinnings that lead to a blatantly destructive behaviour. Entire therapy sessions can pass without mentioning the dependence at all. It’s all about how they feel and how they feel can be constructively modified so that the drug dependence falls away. Therapy and hypnotherapy can help a person overcome cocaine dependence permanently.