Covid-19: A Personal Account

From the onset of the pandemic, I took the disease to be a real threat. While certain of my own physical resilience, I was determined not to pass the disease onto anyone else if I was a carrier. I’ve strived to adhere to social distancing guidelines, hygiene guidelines and the wearing of masks. I minimised personal contacts, shopped infrequently, and maintained a strict adherence to the guidelines even if others didn’t. The government did not impose these guidelines on me, instead I knew the guidelines were sensible and I was prepared to set an example. I was double vaccinated as soon as the opportunity was offered. 

In hindsight, and with a fuller knowledge of symptoms, I’m certain I had Covid 19 in the forth week of March 2020 during the first lockdown. Symptoms passed completely in four days. Fast forward to September 2021. Symptoms of a cold suddenly arrive with mild flu symptoms and then the complete loss of smell or taste (anosmia). LFT positive. NHS PCR test positive. I’ve got it and at the time of testing felt as if I’ve I’d been run over by a bus. 

Despite every sensible precaution, I caught the disease again. Within 2 days, mild physical discomforts ebbed away although the anosmia remains. I’m left with lethargy, tiredness and a dense brain fog that restricts my cognitive functioning. I catch myself forgetting what I’m intending to do. Otherwise, I sleep. It feels like I’ve aged 20 years in less than a week. 

Be vigilant! I don’t mean be paranoid. Be cautious and aware. The disease is here among us still, and throwing caution to the wind carries risks for yourself and others. Meanwhile, I busy myself at home. I’ve received fantastic support from family and friends. The fridge is full. Thank you!