Dieting: Short term view, Long term view.

Earlier this week the BBC Breakfast programme interviewed a GP who conducted research that indicates that an over emphasis on minimizing fat intake to reduce weight, over looks the importance of lowering sugars and refined carbohydrates to reduce weight.

Also interviewed at the same time was a dietitian from Oxford who asserted more than once that “dieting, all dieting was good”. Her perspective revolved around the hazards of being over weight and that any diet that reduces weight and reduces the chances of diseases such as diabetes was good. The BBC presenter asserted, “surely it’s about life style changes and not dieting”.

I found the Oxford dietitians opinions quite perplexing in that dieting can help a person reduce their weight, but without a sustained change or a life style change, the weight is likely to return. My assertion is that dieting doesn’t work in the short term and that only a fundamental change from harmful habits to healthy habits sustained over a life time helps a person lose weight and keep it off.