Early Symptoms

Profiling is an important aspect of providing and receiving therapy. By profiling, the therapist gains insights into the character of the client to clarify the best way forward. During the process of profiling the client often gains insight into their own behaviour and motivation. Seldom do I have to prompt a person to divulge aspects of their personal past, right back to early childhood if it’s remembered at all. Instead the client, or prospective client, presents symptoms that usually began, or became apparent, in childhood or early adolescence.

Most clients I help describe having symptoms such as anxiety and depression by the age of 14 if not sooner. Be they 36 or 56 or 86, the client’s symptoms were apparent in early adolescence. Some sought treatment and received medication, some self medicated, some both. Early recognition is vital but these days no one has to suffer a lifetime of emotional and physical distress when non prescription help is available. The earlier the intervention the better. Intervention with hypnotherapy can alleviate emotional and physical distress leading to a better life.