Easing on Hold

On Monday the 14th, the government halted any further easing of restrictions that were due to come into effect on June 21st. We’re looking at another 4 weeks of restrictions from the 21st. The Delta variant is now prevalent, infections among the unvaccinated are rising, and the government is hoping to continue to roll out vaccines to all adults in the hope of minimising transmission and hospitalisations. This approach seems to be working.

The national mood is one of somber acceptance and resignation. For those whose livelihoods are negatively impacted by the pandemic, the mood is one of desperation. Many of us have adjusted our lives and attitudes to the point we simply carry on with social distancing and masks. Do we dare ask when will it end? The question suggests being prepared to look months, if not years, into the future. This is precisely what most of us have stopped doing: making plans into the future. Last week’s halt of further easing of restrictions is a not so subtle reminder the pandemic is here, continues to evolve, and remains dangerous. No surprise the easing of restrictions is on hold.