Education, Mental Health and Politics.

On Friday March 11th, I attended a Q and A forum of Head Teachers, Governors and local Council Representatives to discuss issues of concern. Leading the forum were MPs Dr. Liam Fox and John Penrose. The issues of concern ranged from Governor recruitment, to Governor responsibilities, to teacher work load, to the future of Multi Academy Trusts. The discussions were lively and engaging.

A young woman was handed the microphone and she pointedly asked how the current government was going to address the issue of mental health among children and adolescents. The MPs expressed an understanding of the issue and genuine concern, but both emphasised there would be no additional funding for education in general. Dr. Fox made a good point by explaining that mental health issues among young people involves the education system and the NHS. Dr. Fox explained that as long as the eduction system and the NHS weren’t “joined up” in this regard then access to therapy for young people in the UK would never be as good as it should be. Nothing was resolved during the A and A session, but the awareness of mental health issues across society is now pervasive. How do we go forward?