Election 2019: Mental Health Funding. 

If the election pledges of all the major political parties are to be believed, the days of austerity are over and the next government is prepared to spend. Political parties are vying to make the most expensive pledges for infrastructure, policing, schools, carbon neutral energy policies, maternity leave, flood defences and the NHS. Funding for all these are important if not vital. In regards the NHS, there have been promises to ensure there are more doctors and nurses and more money for counselling and therapy for people of all ages who need it.

All these pledges and promises are welcome, but are they realistic? How will they be funded? All the main parties admit that spending will be the consequence of borrowing and therefore the pledges and promises are pitched as social investments. I welcome funding for more access to counselling and therapy, but I remain skeptical that an adequate level of funding will be forthcoming in the light of other pressing needs, regardless of who sits in Downing Street. We’ll have to be patient and we’ll have to wait and see. No one wants to be disillusioned any further.