Immediately after a very successful session of hypnotherapy, I was asked if I’d ever had clients I “couldn’t put under”. My response was straightforward and unguarded as I replied “three in ten years”. Occasionally achieving results over several sessions can be challenging, but achieving the relaxing state of hypnosis is a state I’ve been able to help others achieve in the overwhelming majority of sessions.

Under what circumstances might a person not be relaxed enough to be in a state of hypnosis? The three I’m referring two all attended for one session. While I make every effort to manage a prospective clients expectations, the three in question arrived with very high expectations for a single session. They hoped to be completely knocked out and to have all their symptoms wiped out in one hour. With these expectations they set themselves up for disappointment. Ironically, all three were upset with me but in those circumstances I always stated with differing levels of assertiveness that “I didn’t promise you a miracle in one session and any therapist that does is dishonest”. They pay and leave. They call me back in a week of even a year and I politely decline to see them again.