Fad Dieting

I recently listened to a local radio program that encouraged listeners to phone in to announce, or confess, that they were going to come off their diet and immediately indulge. The first caller, a man in his 20s, told listeners he was on a diet that insisted on 2 consecutive days of fasting and the rest the week eating very little. I felt a little sorry for this person because the only thing he had on his mind during the diet was cream filled chocolate eggs. He then went on to admit he was going to have chocolate eggs as soon as the phone call was over. I’m not sure what the point of the radio program was, but it wasn’t to support the callers.
Fad diets are notorious. Shock the body. Lose a lot of weight quickly. End the diet in a week or two. Lose support. Gain the weight back and then some. Feel guilt and shame. Move on to the next fad diet.
Hypnotherapy and CBT could have helped the radio caller by diminishing his craving for sweet food, helping him to eat less, eat slower, avoid snacking, lose weight gradually and keep it off. He’d never have to diet again.