Each week I provide a counselling and hypnotherapy session for the elderly. For these octogenarians and nonagenarians the relevant issues aren’t about losing weight or fulfilling one’s aspirations. The elderly need to be motivated to be as mentally and physically active as possible. It’s the confidence to get from their rooms to the dining hall and back under their own steam. Over the last three years, on different occasions, I’ve inquired about a person who used to attend and no longer does. I’m usually told they had a fall, broke their hip, lost their confidence and their health rapidly spiralled downward until they either needed full time care or they suddenly passed away.

Falling is serious and the BBC has acknowledged this very issue today. What was advocated to address the the issue of falling, particularly among the elderly, is that they remain as physically active as possible. In my sessions with the elderly, falling isn’t mentioned, but I stress being active through will power, determination, strength, even routine. A fall, while acknowledging can’t be completely prevented, need not precipitate a significant decline in mental and physical health.