First Meeting: Initial Consultation

Several people I’ve seen for the first time during an initial consultation arrive having been over my website thoroughly. Having been over the website in detail, these people have already made up their minds that they wish to proceed with therapy and the initial consultation is a means to have an informal discussion and make an appointment. In these situations, during the initial consultation it’s still important for me to convey a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable personality.

Many other people arrive for a first meeting with little or no knowledge of hypnotherapy and may have either not visited my website or investigated without going into detail. For these people I must still convey a caring and compassionate personality, but I also need to actively listen to their concerns, explain hypnotherapy, explain how it works and how sessions are conducted. Having accomplished all of this without looking at the clock, almost invariably the potential client becomes an actual client. That first meeting, the initial consultation is therefore vitally important.