France Again.

Yesterday morning I awoke to learn another atrocity had been committed in France. This time a completely deranged maniac drove a semi through a crowd. He swerved from side to side over the course of a mile to take out as many victims as possible include at least 10 children. Mercifully, the driver was shot and killed on the spot. In the face of such brutality one is rendered almost speechless.

These violent acts against innocents kill many and wound us all. Whole nations will grieve, our thoughts turn to the victims and their families and then we move on determined not to let the brutality intrude into our lives. What lingers is a profound disquiet in the fact that people can do such barbaric acts towards their fellow human beings. What do we do? How do we prevent this? Do we confront violence with violence? There are a hundred platitudes with a hundred solutions, but this butchery of innocents must cease.