Weight Management

There has been considerable media coverage about obesity and that a high proportion of the general populace is overweight. Everyone knows the importance of a healthy diet and exercise but frequently, the first recourse to losing weight, particularly for women, is dieting. Dieting in principle seems sensible, but often a women finds herself in a frustrating cycle of fad dieting, minimal or even significant weight loss, ending the diet and then putting on more weight than the diet promised to reduce. This cycle causes anxiety followed quickly by guilt, shame and even humiliation. The weight fluctuations and even the emotions associated with the fluctuations can do real harm.

I know people can live beyond dieting. How? I help a person to reorient and redefine their relationship to food not for a week or two , but for a lifetime. I help remove the shame and guilt often associated with eating and gradually shift those feelings towards self control. By appealling to a person’s emotional “self” with hypnotherapy, I help a person to stop snacking, to stop eating when they’re full, to enjoy food more by enjoying smaller portions. In tandem with these positive changes I help a person to eat healthy and enjoy eating healthy, to be in control of their eating habits anywhere and everywhere, and to have more energy that finds expression in more exercise. I will help a person to eat slower, to drink less calorie laden alcohol, and to be conscious of where they eat, what they eat and how they eat. The hypnotherapy that I provide will not only make food less of a preoccupation, but will even constructively change your purchasing habits. Imagine: If there’s no chocolate hidden in the cupboard there’s none to have.