Hiking with OCD.

There’re always articles and news items across the media in regards to mental, emotional and physical health. Much of the media attention tends to highlight deficiencies and shortcomings. What’s reported far less often is what goes right, when people get the support they need even if the support seems unconventional.

Many people function at a very high level with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD, while others can have the quality of their lives diminished by it. When it’s severe and intrusive, a person can be offered prescription medication. What else is available? Recently, young people with diagnosed OCD have been taken on hikes in remote areas. The hikes aren’t merely a distraction from OCD, and there’s nothing wrong with a healthy distraction, but the effort made seems to calm sufferers and diminish symptoms. No medication, just a good hike with fresh air. If only more issues were dealt with in this way.