Hypnotherapy and Economic Reality.

I qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2006. Qualification was the culmination of ambition, effort and circumstance. I embarked upon a new career with optimism and zeal. Within a year, the initial forebodings of the looming financial crises were beginning to reverberate through financial institutions. By 2008 we, the entire UK, were in a full blown recession. Were clients scarce? Definitely. Did I give up? Definitely not. I simply took a part time job to supplement my meagre earnings in the certainty economic times would improve.

Fast forward to 2019. Did economic times improve? Gradually, but yes. Certain aspects of free wheeling capitalism required some regulation to achieve that. Inflation was low as were increases in salaries and wages. So was I able to give up the part time jobs and enjoy hypnotherapy full time? I tried more than once and couldn’t. Could I have done more? More advertising? More networking?  More social media? On the whole, I’d have to say no. So my advice to anyone considering a full time career as a therapist is go for it. It’s incredibly rewarding, but don’t give up your day job.