Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Therapy and Post Natal Depression

There has been mention in the media in last few days in regards to post natal depression (PND). According to the reporter on the BBC’s Breakfast program, a woman may or may not receive any help for PND depending on where she lives in the country. If a woman is offered help for PND via the NHS or her GP, then she’s most likely to receive medication or be asked to attend group therapy sessions. Some of the women I’ve helped confessed to suffering from PND and were told by their GP that their anxieties were “normal” and no other help or support was offered. Indeed, some women have told me their PND depression was ignored by women GPs and other women have told me they suffered with PND many years previously and weren’t aware what the condition was called. These women describe being anxious, suicidal, having panic attacks, low self esteem, intense fears and occasionally suffered from intrusive thoughts. I frequently see women suffering from PND who have been completely dismissed by the NHS and are often misunderstood by their own families.

One might ask, with some justification, why a woman suffering with PND would consider seeing a man for the condition. Essentially, I treat depression in all its varied forms and manifestations. I take depression very seriously. With cognitive therapy and hypnotherapy, I can help a woman with PND achieve a greater degree of calm thus allowing for a measure of rational intervention and emotional control. The first step is to acknowledge their emotional distress. PND need not be ignored or misunderstood.