Hypnotherapy “Top Up” for Christmas

During January, I’m usually inundated by people keen to either quit smoking, lose weight or both. From a strictly business perspective, the anticipated January inundation of clients is a very welcome situation.

This year, I’ve taken a different approach. Having seen many hundreds of people during the last 6 or 7 years, many specifically for weight management, a more sensible approach is to see some of these people for a hypnotherapy “top up” before the Christmas season gets under way. I’ve also seen several people this year to help them either abstain from alcohol or to achieve a very moderate consumption.

It seems much more sensible to reach these people before the onset of the Christmas rather than after. I’m not suggesting people don’t enjoy themselves, but what I can help people achieve is moderation for the festive season rather than over indulgence or worse, profligacy.