Initial Consultations and First Appointments.

Every client I’ve ever seen arrived for an initial consultation before agreeing to proceed with hypnotherapy. I carefully listen to any and all concerns, explain how hypnotherapy can help, approximate how many sessions might be necessary and let them know about fees. I’m often aware people arrive apprehensive, sceptical and full of misconceptions. I do my best to put people at ease while remaining professional. While I offer the prospective client the chance to go away and think about what’s been discussed, very few people leave the initial consultation without having agreed to a course of therapy and a start date.

It’s the time between the initial consultation and the first scheduled appointment that’s crucial. The overwhelming majority arrive for their first appointment, attend any and all further appointments and reap the benefits of the therapy. Occasionally, a person either decides they can’t afford the therapy or decide they prefer the devil they know to the devil they don’t and don’t arrive for the first appointment. These individuals send texts about “having to go in to work” an hour before the scheduled session or they suddenly develop “a migraine” one hour before the session. It’s amazing how many cars break down just before the first session and these excuses sometimes come from the same person over two or three weeks. I don’t take it personally. I wish these people had the courage to be honest with themselves and either admit their reservations or attend. By attending the first session, I’d help them to lead new lives.