Just Talking

In seeking my help people presume they’ll receive hypnotherapy, and of course they do. With each session of hypnotherapy there’s a certain amount of discussion before and after the therapy. A discussion before hypnotherapy is generally an agreement as to the content of the hypnotherapy and a discussion after is a reflection on results.

Occasionally, the entire session is a talking session and then a talking session becomes very important regardless if its planned or not. People will need to divulge and get things off their chest. A talking session can be about consolidation, or an awareness of where the therapy should head, or it could be the need to articulate a new found understanding and to give that understanding a voice. For many, talking therapy alone isn’t enough to affect significant change, but as a hypnotherapist the occasional talking session gives voice to issues, concerns and positive changes. Therefore sometimes, a hypnotherapist needs to be prepared to have talking sessions.