Ketamine and Depression.

Clients tell me about the medications they’re prescribed for anxiety and depression and over the years the names of those medications have become familiar. Nevertheless, I was surprised to learn recently that ketamine is now available for prescription on the NHS. Ketamine? It’s a horse tranquilliser or sedative that in recent years has been abused as an alternative to LSD. Obviously, people taking prescription ketamine for depression are taking a low dose and a sizeable proportion of these people claim they feel better for having taken it.

It frustrates me that the medical approach continues to be altering brain chemistry to alleviate emotional distress. The drugs wear off, the brain reverts to the dysfunctional brain chemistry and the anxiety and depression continue. Then more medication. Why not get to the root cause? Why is the person anxious and depressed? Understanding is so much more effective long term than chemicals. Put the horse sedatives aside find a competent therapist.